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Three gonioporas

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Both URI VHO Actinic bulbs were replaced today, as they need to be replaced every 6 months.

I moved the green Goniopora into my 29g reef, the purple Goniopora in my son's tank, and a new Red Goniopora into my 55g reef. The red one was purchased from a club member's tank, who's had it for over 9 months with good success. While his setup looks like it matches mine (Skimmer, sump, and refugium), what surprised me was what he'd been feeding the goni: flake food! I can't believe it. :)

I picked up some Krill from the LFS, along with the replacement male Anthias (the first one died during acclimation). At the suggestion of the employee, I put a krill on each polyp of my Lobophylia to see if something meaty would help that brain coral fluff up more. It has been looking very retracted and unhappy lately. I thawed out one krill for each polyp, laid it on the center of the polyp, and covered it with a dome (made from a 2-liter bottle) for about 5 hours to keep the cleaner shrimp and serpent stars from stealing the food. When I got back from work, the lobophylia did look better. I'll keep this up for now, trying to feed every 3 days.

While the krill was in my hand, I decided to feed a few to my BTA. Well, it is still many hours before the lights turn on, but the BTA looks fantastic at the moment. It always inflates at night looking so pretty, but during the day time it can look very unhappy. This really drives me crazy, because it makes me feel like there is something I should be doing to help it. The clownfish is always swimming in the tentacles, no matter how it looks.

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