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Some improvement visible

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The BTA looks a little better today. The mouth is still a little too exposed, the the tentacles are more inflated. Several of the zoa frags I traded for are not doing so well. That could be due to livestock (emerald crab?) pulling them off the rock or just a placement issue. Others look great though.

My 55g keeps me going. About a week ago, my Colt was super fluffy and happy looking. The two gonioporas are both still suffering from the kalk burn, so much so that I think the purple will just fade away. Part of the tissue is flapping in the current, and the purple pigment faded to pink. :( The green goni does fluff up quite a bit, but there is a giant hole in the center of the coral where the skeleton is visible at night, the size of a half dollar. Lately, apparently, there has been a chemical war between it and the Colt, which made the latter look pretty miserable. It is shedding now. This occured because I had to rearrange the corals to make room for a new SPS colony.

One thing I really don't enjoy doing is to feed a coral and have to guard it for a good while so the food can be consumed before it is stolen. Tonight I took Formula One pellets and dribbled them over my ricordea patch and the Lobophytum, while my pair of cleaner shrimp took every opportunity to snatch the food away. It would be nice if these corals would learn to grab the food more quickly somehow.

Watching a ricordea eat is rather interesting, as it isn't sticky like an anemone. Food can stick slightly.

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