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Night feedings

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I've been feeding corals at night, with live brine nauptilii (48 hours old, hatched with yolk sac still connected), Cyclop Eeze, or CoralPlankton (as well as Phytoplankton every other day like usual).

Lately, I've been trying to feed my corals during the latenight hours. Tonight I added some of the refrigerated Coral food I won in the last raffle. I don't know what the heck is in that stuff, and it is hard to believe that 6 or 8 squirts of the brown juice makes such a difference. However, I looked in the tank about 10 minutes later, and my eyes almost popped out of my head looking at some of the corals.

I really tried very hard to get this first picture, but it was virtually impossible. The polyps had extended a good 3/8" out of the main branch at several locations, making it look like it was extending 4 to 6 new branches (or twigs).... plus the ends of each of those polyps had the petals extended another 1/8"... Interstingly, as soon as the flashlight lit the coral up (barely I might add) the polyps closed up and went away so photographing them was near impossible. 10 minutes later I went back and checked and the polyps were in full extention again so I quickly left it alone and in the dark.

What you'll see in this image are about 8 super-oversized polyps near the tip of the frag.

This next image is my fuzzy Pocillopora damicornis. Look at the top!!!! It was doing this in the back of the coral, but it looks almost like sweeper tentacles. I've never seen this coral do this, nor heard of it.

And finally, I've been trying to save my Lobophylia, and that entails feeding it krill at night. I have to put a cut 2-liter bottle over it to keep others away to give this coral time to eat because it is slooooooow, about one hour or more. The coral is learning and doing better. Tonight within 20 minutes, you could only see a little of the krill sticking out. I just thought this looked funny. Shot under actinics.

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