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So many mouths to feed!

I cannot believe how opportuntinistic my reeflings are. Is it any wonder some things seem to grow so slowly?!

Tonight, I fed the Rose BTA in my son's tank, and watched the Skunk Cleaner shrimp closely. I walked away for about 3 minutes to feed another tank, and when I came back, he'd pulled the chunk of shrimp right out of the anemone and was picking away at it. I had to steal it back to feed the BTA again, and chase away the Cleaner shrimp for at least 10 minutes.

I fed the other BTAs in my 29g reef, and even put a net in place over the anemones to keep the clowns away so it could injest its food without distraction. A medium sized hermit crab walked right around the net and was stealing the food from one, while bristleworms were tugging the food away from the other two!

I fed the Suncoral again today, because it was open and it might as well keep eating to stay healthy and grow. I've been feeding it a cube of Mysis shrimp with a mini turkey baster. To my shock, one of the False Perculas actually took a nibble of my hand making me jump slightly. I've been feeding that coral each day, but I guess she doesn't like my invading her space. Hmmm! I'm paying the mortgage, my lady!

Trying to keep the Suncoral fed, I've been feeding the rest of the tank with floating debris (thawed food) so the fish don't start coming to the one spot I'm target feeding. So far, it seems to be working. But you can never trust these guys, and I noticed the fish are hovering on the end of the tank now. I saw the Green Target Mandarin swimming over the coral, and watched keenly as it sucked up one mysis after another. Sure, that's great to know my mandarin will eat prepared (frozen) foods and never starve, but it is stealing from a coral that has to be fed often to survive. Man! And I'd already fed a bunch of live brineshrimp to the tank two hours earlier, and my own mixture of foods after that. Still it was pretty nice to watch, but...

Tonight I must have spent almost an hour playing guard with one tank after another to make sure everyone got fed. How do they survive in the reef for years and years????

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