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Finger foods? Nope.

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Tucker is getting along just fine with the other tangs in the 280g. He still has spots were he was injured, but he swims and eats and it is a good indication of full recovery.

Ever since I removed the female ocellaris, the other three ocellaris are getting along fine with my 6 yr old female Percula. I've been watching them, and one of the ocellaris keeps doing the jittery dance of submission, and not only to the Percula. It is kind of odd and interesting at the same time.

This morning I tried to clip some Nori to the glass for the tangs to eat from. The Naso kept pulling it right out of the clip, so finally I just held it and they ate it from my fingertips. That was very cool.

Here are some pictures of the 280g taken yesterday, posted on Reef Central.

Speaking of eating from my hands, a few days ago I was dissolving some frozen food in my son's tank, and the female Gold Stripe Maroon Clown was eating right from my fingers. The Golden Eel has become more adventurous and I'm keeping my fingers away from it; it has been eating quite a few pieces of squid recently, so it has a healthy appetite.

I can't wait to get the 29g and the 55g out of the living room, now that the 280g is running. It'll be nice to get some space back.