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Ecotech Customer Service experience

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I contacted Ecotech today. I'm the type of hobbyist that likes to plug something in, it works correctly and I'm done. I don't tinker with it incessantly, I don't change settings all the time; I want it to be on when needed, and off when required.

I bought the Vectra M1 for the frag system, and the L1 for the 400g reef. The M1 has been running for nearly 18 months, and it connected with the Booster cable to a Battery Backup designed for Ecotech gear. It is supposed to keep the return pump running if the power goes out. But it didn't seem to be doing so, and it was one of those things I needed to sort out but knew it would take some time.


Talking to the support people today, after a couple of firmware updates and further testing, it turns out the Booster cable I had was faulty. That frag system is now set up correctly since I had an extra one in my store's inventory to use, and they are sending me a replacement for the one that failed.

Very important steps when hooking up the booster cable from the battery to the driver:

  1. Install the "input" side of the booster cable into the battery backup
  2. Install the "output" side of the booster cable into the Vectra driver
  3. Plug the power cord into the battery backup
  4. Wait a few seconds before testing to see if it works. Pull the power cord going into the Vectra driver, and see if the battery backup runs the pump. If it does, you did everything correctly. Re-plug the power back into the driver for normal operations.

While we were testing things, I wanted to make sure the L1 was going to run correctly with its own Battery Backup, which it does. Now if the power goes out, the Anemone Cube and the manifold continues to get flow at 25% of the normal setting. Two birds, one stone --- well, 2 phone calls, a few emails back and forth and a little bit of cardio walking back and forth between things, but all is well.

We read a lot of negative stuff when people are annoyed, but not enough positive reviews that are just as deserving. Thanks EcoTech Marine for the assistance, and making sure my gear runs right.

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