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Well worth the wait

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February 2016 I set up my new frag tank. All the electrical stuff that supports the tank has been sitting to the left on top of a box of salt, primarily to avoid it getting wet if the fishroom were to get flooded. I had a piece of acrylic set aside for this project for about as long, but today I finally cut out the pieces and got it glued up.  One of the reasons this went undone is because I knew I'd be running a CNC soon, and wanted to cut it out on that table instead of my normal 'craft by hand' method I've employed for the past decade. Did some programming today, and then fired up Minion to carve out the parts.

I still have more to go, but wanted to share a few pictures. 







All the parts laid out on the new acrylic box are spare or backup components I keep on hand for my reef. Which sounds crazy, but you never know when you'll need something.

The various parts will be screwed to the black acrylic, or they will rest upon a small acrylic shelf I still have to cut out tomorrow. Then once everything is installed on the panel, I'll hang it on the wall. I added a couple of acrylic bits on the inside of the box, which will allow me to place it where it needs to be, but also permits me to remove it when I have to access the powercords hidden within. I believe this is going to work out quite nicely, and will look much better than the mess on the floor.

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