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Taste test

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Earlier today, I refilled my top off containers from the RO/DI system in the adjacent room. I noticed while walking into the fishroom that there was a puddle on the floor, and I quickly assumed that the connection to the float valve had failed, leaking out some RODI water. This had happened in the past; the fitting on top allowed water to leak past it due to the water pressure of new water being added. I replaced the valve which resolved it, but this occurence was too soon for that to happen. Still, I went on with my day expecting that puddle to evaporate.  


Hours later I walked back into the room and the puddle seemed bigger. That of course stopped me in my tracks, and soon I was on my hands and knees trying to find the source of this water. Have you ever considered tasting the water on the floor to see if it is freshwater or saltwater? Well, I decided to do just that.  I know, I know...gross. Well, I dipped my fingertip into the water, tasted saltwater and knew it wasn't RODI water first of all. Which made me even more concerned: could the sump have sprung a leak? No way! Within a few more seconds, I discovered it was the skimmer that had bubbled over so hard that it was spattering water on the plumbing, the rim of the sump and literally creating a mess. That was an easy fix, I removed the full collection cup, rinsed it out, reset the water level in the skimmer and threw a towel on the floor finally to absorb the wasted water.


Glad I caught it. But still, can't believe I tasted water off the floor today.  frown

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