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Sun, 11/13/2005 - 23:38

Yesterday was the DFWMAS Frag Swap, and 160 people showed up with coolers and coolers of coral frags and used equipment for sale. At last count, over 600 frags were brought and traded/sold to excited hobbyists.

I ended up with a bunch of new pieces for my tank, which is perfect because I was looking for new SPS to restock the tank. Many of the beauties I had earlier this year died during the PO4 (Phosphate) issues I battled for several months.

So here are the new additions:

Green Slimer (A. yongei) from two different sources:

Blue Torte (A. tortuosa)

Tenuis (A. tenuis)

Pink birdsnest

Pink Milli (A. millepora)

Encrusting Montipora

Acropora sp. ???

Orange Montipora capricornis

And I got this piece of Blue Ridge about a month ago:

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