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Celebrating 11 months

  • cyphastrea

Day 335 commemorates the 11 month period the 400g and 60g have been running.  During that time, I've watched corals grow into colonies and fish get fatter.  The biggest hurdle was a big setback about eight to twelve weeks ago when I realized the tank was overdosed with bacteria.  Corals faded, green pigment vanished in many corals, SPS died back.  I've discussed this in detail in my blog on, and will do a video on Youtube to talk about it to help others avoid similar fates... 

For the past two months, the corals have been on the mend and the colors have been interesting to observe.  The blog with a bunch of pictures can be found here:

This is a new coral I brought home from MACNA Denver in September.  It's a micromussa and dwells in the frag tank.


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