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50 months today: The 400g reef & the Anemone Cube

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It's been 1522 days, or exactly 50 months since the 400g was restarted. And it's really looking more beautiful each day.  I'm enjoying the open space above the corals, seeing how the acroporas have room to grow upward and the fish to swim. The reef is so colorful, and especially so when it's only lit with XHO lighting. I wish you could see it the way I see it because the camera just can't capture the beauty that the human eye can.  

For the past few months, the calcium reactor has been providing alkalinity and calcium from the former corals we pulled out last September. I'm still waiting for the NO3 Xport brick to lower nitrate levels, but I'm hoping to see that occur in the coming weeks.

Here's a quick shot from the end of the tank. From this angle, it's plainly obvious I need to replace the carbon that has been completely depleted for weeks.


One of the Rose bubble tip anemones has likely split recently, because one big one retreated into the rockwork for a couple of days... I'm watching daily to see if there's a new clone that will come out into the open.


I'm considering doing a week's worth of vlogs to show what I do to keep everything happy. It might be an interesting video for others to see.

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