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The 14 day project is now a dedicated page on my site

I documented my 280g 14-day Upgrade Project. It is a 5.6meg webpage, so dial-up will probably not be able to download this page (browser error for sure) with all 111 images.

I re-coded the 280g reef project page into two pages to make it easier for the dial-up visitors. If you find that it doesn't work for you, please email me. Each page should be about 2.8 megs in size.  Edit 11/2017: What's dial-up? LOL It's one page again, enjoy the narrative.

I also added a new photography page, that talks about the Top Down Photo Box I build. I added other photography related links to the base of that page.

While feeding the tanks tonight, I hand fed some Silversides to the Golden Eel. It ate several pieces from my fingers, one after another. I'd say it ate about 3 fish worth, and was very gentle in taking the food each time. That was really neat.

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