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27 month-a-versary - The reef, the Anemones, the *new* frag system

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This year has moved quickly.  Already February 10th has passed, which is the 27th month since the 400g was restarted.  Seeing how I missed doing a 2-year update video due to being out of town, I figured such an update was way overdue.  This video showcases the reef from three angles, as well as the 60g, the new frag system, and why the rimless old frag tank HAS TO GO! 


The cycle is over; fish added; new video

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After 21 days, the tank finally measured 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5 ppm nitrate.  Good enough for me, and the Red Spot Glass Cardinalfish.  I filmed their introduction for an upcoming video, but here's a picture of them in the tank. They are eating well, which is perfect. They were ordered from Live Aquaria's Divers Den, and arrived in a well packed box. Pictured above.

The next thing that it needs is lights. I had to install a shelf to hang the lights from, and that's done now.


20,000g Reef

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When I visited the Long Island Aquarium, I asked Joe to do an interview with me about his 15 year old reef exhibit.  This is his full time daily job, and he explains exactly what is involved.  I hope you enjoy the entire hour, which includes behind the scenes and top down footage. 


2015 MACNA Overview in D.C.

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Instead of a write up with pictures, this year I opted to shoot video. It was a fun event, and I ran into a lot of friends as well as a bunch of happy hobbyists bursting with excitement. People get re-energized by the three day event, and find their passion for reefkeeping back in the forefront of their minds. See for yourself.


Visiting an 800g reef

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Early last year, I built a huge sump for a customer in the Dallas area. In January I reached out for an update, and was sent a few pictures showing a beautiful reef that resulted in a trip out there to capture this on camera for everyone to enjoy.  Tammy's reef is a massive undertaking, and she loves it daily.  Here's a brief tour, including a few seconds of that sump if you watch closely.

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