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Nikon 35mm f/1.8 lens acquired

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I bought a new lens for my D90 today. I've been having a problem using any of my lenses for topdown photography, even though I've lowered the corals to the rockwork in my recent reef reset.

The camera wouldn't focus, and I couldn't even press the shutter button. It was one of those annoying things I've been putting up with for a long time, raising the camera more and more away from the subject. The minimum focal distance was the hurdle.

I was told the 35mm f/1.8 would be the cure. It's listed at .98 of a foot, so if the subject is just shy of 12" away I can get the shot. I tried it out with a few corals today, and it looks like this is a keeper.

Of course, as the corals grow upward, I'll be right back where I was but for today, I'll call this a win.

I'm looking forward to taking more pictures for future blogs now. 

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