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Dory update

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Dory has found a new spot to sleep. It's rather cute. In the very bottom of the tank in the front, there's a montipora capricornis. About 10 days ago, I saw her from across the room swim deep into the coral, then back out with something in her mouth. I'd hope to film her actions, but she spotted me and played fish instead. lol Anyway, turns out she was cleaning out whatever bothered her, and now goes into that spot to sleep at night. 

During the daytime, she swims around the rockwork and the anemones. As the day progresses, the anemones get bigger and tentacles are everywhere, but she still swims through them slalom style. And every night when I feed the tank, she's right there, ready to capture food in the open waters. 

She will have to move out of this tank this year, she's outgrowing it. But it was nice while it lasted.

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