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What's in the box? A brand new work surface!

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I ran up to Home Depot today to get some new router bits, and as I was walking down the main aisle I spotted this awesome adjustable-height workbench.  The table's surface is completely smooth, unlike many I've inspected.  I need one that is 100% flat for my acrylic work, and the fact that this one could be raised up nice and high was even better. 

Not only can I build stuff while standing, but this table will surely double as a great surface for Youtube demonstration videos I'll be uploading in 2017. Often I'm sitting at my desk or kneeling by the regular work station but I really wanted something taller.  This one raises up to 43" high simply by twisting a small crank.

Here's a height comparison to my old kitchen table.

Speaking of which, that table is going to Goodwill after all these years.  I've been wanting to replace it for some time.  Now if only I can manage to not clutter up this new one, right?

Having a second workstation will allow me to work in even more acrylic projects at the same time, which I'm definitely in need of.

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