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Replacing a scratched tank with a newer one

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My 29g reef is in a glass tank that is over 5 years old, and has a ton of scratches. I bought a new one with black silicone seams and waited until I had time to transfer everything into it. Here's the old tank: 

It took about 2 hours to get everything out and into the new one, and the reef is now recovering from this transition. The BTA looks pretty miserable, after being pulled out of the water twice, but I did feed it yesterday to give it the energy to handle this event. My Coral Banded Shrimp lost both of his pinchers (see below), one to a net and probably another to one of the fish while they were in a tub. The beautiful cleaner shrimp was killed some time last night, which is really very disappointing, because it was fat and huge. I think the CBS finally caught it after all these months. :(

Since the tank was drained down completely, I did my best to siphon out all the detritus from the crushed coral substrate. I pulled out about 8-10 gallons of the most vile water ever, even adding more newly made saltwater to continue the process. Eventually I decided it was enough and moved the CC by hand to the new tank, draining it of moisture and filth (hopefully) first.

After two hours, the water is much more clear, and I'm sure by morning it will be pristine. I wasn't able to restack the LR in the same position as before, but it did give me the opportunity to remove a couple of dozen mushrooms from some rock and arrange the corals and zoos a little differently.

Since the water and substrate was so disturbed, I'd have to guess my nitrates spiked slightly, but the Maxima doesn't seem to mind at all and is wide open filter feeding.

View reef in the new aquarium after a few hours.

The old 29 is going to be cleaned up as best I can, and then I'll set it up in my son's room to replace his 10g. His pair of Gold Striped Maroon Clownfish will enjoy more space and more LR, and that tank will now have VHO lighting so I can give him a few corals.. I didn't put the Purple Pseudochromis back into my 29g reef, because it was rather aggressive. I'm going to put it with the pair of GSM Clowns and see how it fares. ;)

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