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New growth appearing

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While studying the 55g closely, I found new growth of the blue Milleopora on the LR it had been touching until recently. I think the sand shifted and caused the rockwork to move somewhat, and the colony no longer is in contact with that spot, but it looks like I may get a separate colony one day. As of now, it is about the size of a dime or less, but the color and the hair-like polyps are unmistakeable.

A few of the frags I got from Peter have encrusted the teflon bolts they were Super Glue Gel'd to. The white teflon is covered with purple coralline. The idea of using teflon bolts was that you could put the frags anywhere in the rockwork by just sliding the threaded part into cracks and crevices. Overall, it worked well for a number of frags. They are virtually invisible to the eye now.

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