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Macros - some frags

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The new frag system has captured my attention recently. Watching the clean up crew decimate the algae in one day flat was impressive, and the corals pop against the stark barren rock and black background. New tanks can really recharge your motivation, as you set up new clean gear and get everything just the way you like it. 

Here's a closer look at that frag. I love all the dots that make me feel like I'm staring into the universe.

Montipora hispida, I believe.

Montipora setosa

A lovely A. millepora

These pictures were taken with the Nikon D90 and a macro lens. I didn't change the colors in post processing; these are "as shot" under what I'd call 10,000K lighting.

Someone stopped by today to get some snails and some frags. Within minutes I realized I'm totally unprepared to bag up goodies, so I need to get a bunch of bags & rubber bands. I really need to get some frags on to frag plugs this month. I have plenty of things to trim from the 400g that could be placed into the frag system, and I have over a dozen new frags that I got recently that need to be affixed in my reef to grow out and add somewhat of a new look.

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