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I built an aquarium cabinet for a frag tank

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After the customer told me he wanted me to build his frag tank, he asked if I'd build the stand as well. I said yes. This is the project I undertook, using cabinet-grade plywood. I did use a lesser quality sheet for the top piece since it would never be seen, as well as the inner bottom panel which also is out of sight. The lumber was purchased at Home Depot, and each sheet was cut up on a CNC machine. The final cuts were cut on a compound miter saw, and then everything was glued and nailed together. Our agreement was that I'd build it and give it to him unfinished, he will putty the holes, stain and seal it himself. The frag tank of course was one of my products as well, which holds about 60g of liquid volume. The stand is 36" x 36" x 35" tall -- because it has to fit through the front door of the home it is going into. With the foam sheet and the frag tank on top, it was just shy of 48" tall. The reason there is no ventilation for this stand is because it's unnecessary. The tank will drain into a sump inside another aquarium stand. He can store dry goods and other aquarium gear in this cabinet. It was my goal to build this to the best of my ability, and I'm really pleased with the final product.

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