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Tonight a club member and customer of mine brought over a new hobbyist to pick up a RO/DI system.  When he came to my door, he exclaimed "It's the guy from YouTube!" as I invited him inside.  As we began to chat, he said "he sounds like his videos...." (how else should I sound? Wink) and began to gaze at the 400g and the Anemone Cube.  He was excited to see my setup that he'd only seen via my youtube channel. Of course I had to clean the glass with a fresh pair of eyes eagerly studying everything closely.

After his initial excitement, we got to talking about his tanks and what they needed, equipment-wise. It's always nice to chat with other hobbyists, whether they are new or have been around for some time.  He left with the 150gpd Boosted RO/DI system and a Vortech Mp40wQD amoung other things, and invited me to his home to see his setup next week. I'm glad my videos are reaching more and more people, since that content is there to help others with their husbandry.