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Back from San Diego

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Annually I meet up with my marketing director at Creative Soup in San Diego, Ca.  While there, we enjoyed Comic Con, got some new branding art designed in time for MACNA, and ordered some new mugs for the shop as well as the booth at MACNA.

Comic Con is a massive conference that has about 130,000 people in attendance, and that provides opportunity to talk to other hobbyists about their inspirations, dreams, and goals. Lots of aquatic art is on display, and chatting with so many people over five days... it's great. So much happens there, and there's plenty of time to talk while standing in line(s) to get into different presentations. I handed out business cards to lots of people and talked with them about our awesome hobby. Lots of artists there either have or had saltwater tanks and get inspiration from them. Networking at conferences is always good, and those relationships I forge end up with new or returning customers later. :)


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