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Super cute, right?

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Since MACNA, I've really enjoyed the mated pair of Golden Dwarf Moray eels I brought home.  They are quite active and out any time food hits the water.  While they live in the rockwork most of the time, one or both will swim in the open looking for food.  Sometimes they'll take up space in the Vortech pump since I shut it off during feedings, so I have to always check before turning it back on again.  They like krill, but I've also observed them eating sinking pellet food off the substrate.  To keep them from escaping the tank, I made an acrylic wall that sits on the top edge of the 60 rimless cube. It's still open so I can reach in to do things like feedings, and isn't in the way nor an eyesore. 

I had a pair of Peppermint shrimp in this tank but they are gone.  I'm going to assume they were dinner.  The Blood Shrimp has held his own though, and I've not seen any reason to worry about it.  Maybe it acts similar to a Cleaner Skunk shrimp to them.

I'm going to assume the larger on is the male, but I have no idea if that is true. Will I see eel babies one day?  Who knows.


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