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The Reef Trace App is here!

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The iOS version of Reef Trace has been out for a few weeks. The Android version comes out next, work starts on it next month. Reef Trace has partnered with Melev's Reef, and provides you with some really cool features. It's $8.99 in the App store.



Track your water test results, and share them easily via social media right from the app. Water testing videos are being included within the app, which falls to me to complete. I've already done the ELOS test kit videos. The instructions and color cards are in the app, safely always accessible. Your data is stored in the cloud, and the app works on all iOS devices. You can track multiple tanks with the single app, which is great for those maintenance accounts. I need to add my water parms from tonight, so I can start to get some really nice graphing going.


Water testing videos and written instructions are included within the app. I'm filming these as I get more kit brands. I've already done the ELOS test kit videos. 


The LFS locator finds stores within 45 miles of your location, and you can move the target to other areas to see what stores are near that spot. 


Below, I moved it toward San Antonio to see what stores it would find. You can also let Reef Trace know what stores are out there, especially if you notice one is missing.


Critter ID is built into the app, so you can visually explore the things we find at the LFS or in our aquariums. 


Plaza is still evolving, showing livestock and drygoods available in your area.


TDS measurements allow us to aggregate what our water measures across the nation, seeing how our source water is doing. I'd like to see us add our measurements quarterly, if not monthly. Let's watch the trends and see things develop.

Next for the app will be the ability to track PAR measurements. We want to learn what PAR numbers you are getting under the light fixtures you've purchased, and again we can see how things average across the nation. Let's get some baselines figured out -- measure right under the light at 0" (surface of water), 6", 12", 18" and 24" , and what fixture you have. Then we can begin to share what corals are thriving at what PAR measurement. As 1000s add their data, we'll be able to learn what coral does best at, and place our livestock in the prime locations for ideal results. I'm super excited about this, an idea I suggested four years ago during my MACNA talk. It's finally something we can do, pooling our collective and sharing our results. I love this!

Grab your app, and get involved. Click the image below to go to the app store.


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