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New items added to the shop!

  • 6-22-birsnest

Not a week goes by I don't see new things I like and want to use for my aquarium, and whenever that happens the next step is adding it to my shop for customers to use as well. I just got in a new order from Two Little Fishies today, which included Magnesium Pronto and AccuraSea.  These two items will be very useful: The first one is a Magnesium Supplement that is mixed up at the proper ratio, the second item is to calibrate your refractometer to 35ppt the way you are supposed to do it. Here are the links...

More VeggieMags and MegaVeggieMags are in stock, as well as Acropower. If you run a calcium reactor like I do, ReBorn Calcium media is ready to ship.


Also, here's a statue cover I made recently for a Superman figure. I only had this lonely tribble, but you get the idea.


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