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Cyanide-free fish?

  • cbb_spotfree

This is a very interesting story, and thus I want to park it here on my site so I can find it in the future.  Being able to detect cyanide to know if a fish is at risk or not is huge.

Something that comes to mind, if it's being detected in their urine, why can't we add something to the water that changes color like they do to see if someone pees in a swimming pool?  hehe I know, sounds crazy but that would be a great quick check, and in theory cost less than the proposed product mentioned in the article.

Over the years, I've lost my share of fish. Some deaths are mysterious, like an active Flame Angel that is eating food and swimming about, suddenly dead. My mind wants to just assume it must have been cyanide-caught, and that's why it died. If we had a way to know during the acclimation/quarantine process, that would be pretty cool. Or if the local fish stores did this test with their new arrivals, they'd be able to not only tell us "these fish are certified safe / free of cyanide" but they'd also weed out the importers and stop purchasing from them.  Win win. 

We can only hope.

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