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A beautiful tank for DFWMAS

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The newest page added to my site is a propagation tank I built recently.

90g prop tank

This tank is going to be used at each Next Wave conference, allowing us to display the corals offered in the raffle. 

I was recently asked to build a 4' x 3' propagation tank for DFWMAS, and after a little thinking and a little more time building, this is what they got.

The tank is 48" x 36" x 12", made with 3/8" AcryLite GP. 1.5" drain & 1" return in a corner overflow.

The tank was set up at Next Wave 2008 (Jan 26, 2008) for Dr. Mac to showcase his corals.
Pacific East Aquaculture is a well-known e-tailer.

The top edge was beveled, which really dressed up the look of the display.

The overflow was created so the teeth would touch the top flange. With the teeth 2" deep, the water level worked out perfectly.

A Durso standpipe kept the plumbing quiet throughout the day.

The rear bulkhead is a 1" return, the one in the foreground is a 1.5" bulkhead for the drain.

The drain flowed into a filter sock to improve water clarity since the system was only up for a day. A Mag 9.5" using 1" SpaFlex plumbing provided plenty of flow for the 90g display. A Tunze 6060 added additional flow.

The return line was set up with locline that could be oriented as needed.

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