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Video Tour of the 400g Setup

Unnarrated filming of my 400g set up,  showcasing everything from the light rack to the refugium, helping you visualize where everything fits together.  I shot this with my iPhone 4 prior to a trip, allowing me to share the video with others during my travels.   



The temporary livestock vats

While construction of the new fishroom was underway, the livestock awaited their future home in Rubbermaid feeding troughs.  It was like living in a mad scientist's lab, and no I didn't enjoy it.  But what can you do when your reeflings need a new home?  You improvise.



Melev's Reef Viewing Party @ Resetting the 400g Reef

9-15-2017: After more than 3.5 years of growth, some colonies were dominating the aquarium blocking light and impeding flow. Duane helped me with this project, which involved cutting out the huge corals and planting smaller choice bits to reset the reef. It's not an easy task, and mentally it can be challenging as well. I had to give him the reigns because left to my own means, I would have saved every coral instead of sacrificing the bulk to attain new beauty.

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