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MJ Pump Vacuum Attachment

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Vacuum attachment nozzle helps quickly remove detritus from a sump or bare-bottom aquarium.



Use this product often to keep things pristine. Works for bare bottom aquariums as well as sump compartments.

This 3d printed part makes cleaning your sump a simple process. Press the Vacuum Attachment onto the intake of a MaxiJet 1200 powerhead, and run some flexible hose into a nearby bucket, and quickly remove all the accumulated detritus each each zone of your sump. The newest version now has a screen to keep it from clogging up, and I love it!

I like to use this attachment to clean out my sump by sending the output into a nearby filter sock, thereby not wasting any water at all. I can work in the sump while the system is running, and not affect the skimmer nor trigger the automated top off device. If the flow starts to slow, pull off the nozzle and shake out whatever larger bits are trapped on the screen, and quickly resume vacuuming. I probably use this every 6 or 8 weeks. It's quick, efficient, and far simpler than breaking out a shop vac and wasting 30-40g of water, or more. And you can do it quietly, too. 

  • Compatible with both Marineland and Cobalt Aquatics MJ Pumps, as well as the Sicce Syncra Nano pump
  • Works with the MJ600 to MJ1200
  • Can be used with any hose with a 3/4in OD (outer diameter)
  • 3D Printed in reef-safe PETG

Made in the USA. 


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