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Present Livestock list

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Since the 400g and the 60g Anemone Cube are tied into the same sump, all livestock will be listed below. This list needs updating from time to time.

I love a mixed reef, and try to make sure the fish I buy are compatible as well as reef-safe.

The current list of reeflings in my Marineland 400g Starphire reef (updated December 2015):

46 Fish:
Naso tang - Spock (2004)
Purple tang - Crown Royal (2004)
In 60g: Amphiron ocellaris (female, born 2003)
In 60g: 15 Amphiron ocellaris 
Lyretail Anthias (3) (2015)
Pajama Cardinalfish (5) (2011)
Mystery Wrasse (2011)
ORA Orchid Dottyback (2011)
ORA Psychedic Mandarin, blue (2011)
Yellow Tang (2) (2011)
Melanurus Wrasse (2011)
Yellow Eye Kole with White Tail (2014)
(11) Skunk clownfish (Feb 2015)
Flame Angel (2013)
Copperband butterfly (Mar 2016)
In 60g: Hippo tang (2016)


Invertebrates and Other Life:
Cowries (2)
Tiger Cowrie
Blood Shrimp
Fighting conchs (6)
Tigertail cucumbers (5)
Mexican Turbo snail (1)
Astrea snails (50)
Ceriths, large (5)
Blue Leg hermits (25)
Emerald Crabs (5)
Starfish, red serpent
Starfish, banded serpent
Starfish, brown Serpent (2)
Starfish, black brittle
Sebae Anemone
In 60g: Bubble Tip Anemones (4)
In 60g: Bubble Tip Anemone, Rose (3)
In 60g: Green bubble Tip minis (8)


Softies, etc:
Zoanthids (10 types)
Zoanthus spp.
Zoanthus spp.
Zoanthus sp.
Yellow sponge
Gorgonian - purple
Gorgonian - golden
Gorgonian - tan

Montipora capricornis
Montipora undata
Montipora digitata - red
Montipora digitata - green
Montipora sp. (vericosa?)
Montipora sp. (purple rim, green plate)
Montipora sp. "Sunset"
Montipora sp. "Superman"
Montipora sp. "Chili Pepper"
Birdsnest (unknown)
Birdsnest "Sour Apple" - maybe?
Birdsnest "Bird of Paradise"
Birdsnest "Ponape"
Birdsnest - green polyped
Psammacora , green
Psammacora , honey brown
Blue Ridge
Scrolling Pavona
Green Pavona
Acropora tortuosa "Blue Tort"
Acropora tortuosa "Oregon Tort"
Acropora sp. "Pink Lemonade"
Acropora sp. - Blue tipped Stag
Acropora sp."Tricolor"
Acropora yongei "Green Slimer"
Acropora loripes
Acropora lokani
Acropora samoensis
Acropora rosario
Acropora austera
Acropora valida (upper left)
Acropora millepora (4)
Acropora millepora - pink with blue tips
Acropora loisetta
Acropora turaki (lower right)
Acropora sp. - Deepwater
Stylophora "Rainbow"
Porites - branching
Porites - plating

Pink Branching Hammer
Green Hammer
Green Torch
Green Frogspawn
Candy Cane
Duncansammia (2)
Tubastrea, branching - black
Acanthastrea echinata (3)
Acanthastrea lordhowensis (5)
Pink Chalice
Dotted Chalice
Spotted Chalice
Peach Chalice
Blue/Grey Chalice
Green Chalice
Yellow Spot Chalice
Platygyra pini
Lobophyllia (2)
Favia "war" coral (2)
Green & Gold Favia
Australian Tongue Coral
Fungia plate populated with babies
Fungia plates (20)
Yellow Scroll Coral
Puffy Maze coral

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