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Love the upgrade to the Radion Gen4 Pro!

  • gen4-radion-over-cube

You know the saying "pictures don't do the tank justice..."  That continues to hold true for this one. My 60g cube has been lit with a Gen2 Xr30 for four years. In that time, I used the Radiant schedule because it's my favorite choice, but the anemones weren't all that pretty.  I mean, they were okay, and near lights out when the tank was in moon-mode (full blue), it looked very nice.

I gave a way a few of my "nano anemones" to some friends, and in their tanks they were 10x prettier than they were in mine. This made little sense to me. I figured it must be something different in their water, maybe different food... never really thought it was the light. Not once.

I never removed the Gen2 from where it hung, never cleaned it although the lens were never spattered... mainly I'm talking about the fuzzy stuff that was 'growing' on the fan. Often I muttered that I need to take it down to clean it before it affects the fixture, but that required removing it from the cables, getting it away from the water so nothing would pollute the tank.  It required effort. I thought about replacing it with an Xr15 instead, but that didn't happen.

About 4-6 weeks ago, I decided to change out the light. The Gen4 Pro was an easy swap, since all the cables screwed into the same locations as the Gen2, and EcoSmart Live quickly found it. I filmed the change over via livestream on Youtube. 

The next day, I tweaked the color settings slightly, also making sure the schedule was close to what the previous light was set to. And ever since, I have marveled at how beautiful the anemones are.  The greens are popping like never before (which you really can't make out in this picture, as I stated initially). The reds of the Sherman BTAs are vivid, even my white-tipped brown BTAs look significantly better.

I'm very happy with this upgrade. It was certainly unexpected.

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