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Those Maroon clowns should be happier

  • maroon2web

My son's tank came out really nice with the new canopy (VHO lighting). Because of the many fine scratches on the front glass, I reversed the tank and now the front is the former rear glass. This doesn't have any scratches that I could notice, so viewing the fish & invertebrates will be enjoyable again. I'll add some pictures later to show off the new home the GSM Clowns are exploring.

For now, I put a Remora Pro on that tank with a Mag 5, which is rediculously overkill, but I doubt that any micro algae will grow. LOL

I checked on all the tanks in the dark, and while on 'flashlight-duty' I noticed both of my Milleporas are purplish & blue. Very exciting colors that don't really look so obvious when the main lighting is on. It could be that looking down from above gives a different perspective color-wise, compared to looking through the front glass.

I pulled out one of the Tigertail Cucumbers that was in the refugium, and put it back in the main display. The second one is still in the 'fuge - it is the other half of the original. The cucumber split in two over a month ago.

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