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Everything changing; the 29g is broken down at last

The mandarins are doing fine so far. The female Blue Mandarin will chase either or both Target Mandarins. The male and the female target get along, but lately their doing their chase again (with the female always running away). I'm continuing to feed newly hatched baby brine shrimp every other day, so I know all the mandarins are getting some food for sure that way. The larger fish don't know what to do with the tiny jittery food. They are voracious eaters though, and the pellets don't sit on the substrate for any amount of time - thus the mandarins rarely get the opportunity to eat any of those anymore.

I've been thinking about painting the floor in the fish room (assuming the fumes aren't insane), and then putting up the baseboards and siliconing everything like Joseph suggested earlier in my RC thread. I'll probably cut a mouse hole with a flap. If water ever does fill the room, it can flow out the hole.

I'm seeing coralline spots on the back walls already, and it has barely been 4 weeks since the livestock went in.

I finally took down the 29g today. The end of an era - man it was hard to turn it off. The cool refugium/sump with the bubble tower, the non-drilled-tank closed loop with a SCWD, the PC lighting, my food timer, the auto top-off and more... all dissembled and cleaned up. The living room has been rearranged now that the tank, stand, & canopy is no longer there. I did find my Xanthid (Mud digger) crab in the refugium, and tossed it in the new refugium because I like the little guy. He's on my ID page, standing proudly on some cheatomorpha if you want to see him. I'm also no longer dosing B-Ionic like I did for so long.

This new tank is such a change from what I did in the past, and I'm not even sure how to arrange my website now because the smaller tanks were appreciated by so many people. It gave them hope; something they too could attain with their equal-sized tanks. When people come over now, they are amazed by the sheer size of the tank, and they are overwhelmed by the equipment as well as the fact that I have a fish room rather than tucking all the equipment under the tank like most people do.

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