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New growth after five weeks under Sky lights

Color me impressed!

  • Sunset montipora polyps
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Five weeks ago, I replaced my metal halides with LED lighting.  I've been running the Sky fixtures 11" off the water, and noticed a lot of brand new growth bursting out of the tips of acropora corals. 

On the left side of my reef, I have a cluster of boring brown sticks that I've repeatedly thought need to be removed to create some new space for a nicer coral.  However, these purple and turquoise tips are emerging. Are you telling me those sticks were supposed to be this color all along?!

purple tips

The Shadowcaster acropora is pushing out fifty new tips off the multitude of branches. Here are a few examples.  These bits are probably 1/2" to 3/4" long, all new growth bursting out:

acropora tip

acropora tips

fresh growth appearing on the upper right

Lots of new tips
Lots of new tips bursting off this one area that is about 2" wide.