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Day 30: The 400g Starphire Reef

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The 400g reef has been up for 30 days. Water quality looks excellent. The fish are happy in their new home, swimming out in the open the way I hoped they would, contrary to their previous home filled with corals. I added over 20 new frags to the tank, including a couple of pieces I picked up at Next Wave last week. 

The blog section for this site is no longer editable, once Blogger changed their format. Thus, Melev's Reef is going to have to get an overhaul to allow for blog entries once again. The shop section needs a better cart added, and the site overall needs some major updates, including a new section dedicated to my new reef tank and all of its associated gear. For now, the easiest way to find all of my blog entries on Reef Addicts is to follow this link:

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Here's a recent picture of the new tank:

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