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I picked up some new corals

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Yesterday I got a few nice pieces from Dallas Marine, and wanted to post a few pictures.

Here are some beautiful zoanthids that I put in my 29g under PC lighting. They opened right up.

Here is a Distichopora, which is in my 55g under 175w MH and VHO 03's.

A single multicolored frilly mushroom, also in the 55g, put on the substrate.

A deep sea Acropora was fragged as the colony was failing, so I put it in my 29g under PCs and hope that isn't too bright for this coral.

This is a very small yet pretty Acropora humilis. Light green with yellow polyps, and a few barnacles within. In my 55g under MH lighting.

And one more branch of zoanthids that hasn't opened up yet. They are in my son's tank under VHO lighting. They appear to have green centers, but it is hard to tell right now.

My "Mean Green" zoanthids are spreading quietly, and some tube worm (featherdusters) decided to work with them and build a bridge.

At first there were a couple of tube worms, but then there were 7 or 8 and then 20 or 30 and now a bunch. They don't seem to bother my zoos at all, but as the worms grew upward to the nearby rockwork, the zoos are spreading on the web of tubing. You can see them spreading into the substrate on the lower right section of the patch.

The baby Fungia that Glenn gave me has doubled in size. I think it is about 1.5" to 2" in diameter now.

The Favite seems to be recovering. I didn't have much hope for it, but here it is today.

My red ringed zoas are quietly making more. I had to relocate them today to make sure they'd not be stung by anything.

Orange Bytor Zoanthids recovering from being sand-blasted less than two weeks ago. They closed up for about 5 days, but today they came out again!

Here are two more shots of the new green sundial zoanthids I got yesterday.

Things don't always work out perfectly in Melev's Reef. Here is a nice frag of birdsnest that RTN'd two days ago. It was gorgeous the day before, and the next day, it was 85% gone. A few hours later, it looked like this.

My first green acropora has almost completely died. I'd had it for about 1.5 years under PC lighting. Last night, I snipped off the last few tips with living tissue, and mounted them in a clam shell. Here is all that is left, and it may or may not live.

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