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3.5 years later

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Today marks 3.5 years since the 400g went up for the second time.  November 10th, 2013 was the day all the livestock was moved from the temporary 215g tank into the 400g and the 60g anemone cube. This would be Day 1278.

News-wise, the 400g took a small hit when the alkalinity had dropped somewhat from the normal point, and the big Shadowcaster acropora lost some tissue within its core. In my last blog, I explained how all the gear was cleaned out and refilled, and alkalinity is now back around 10 dKH where I prefer it. Water parameters are testing well:

Alkalinity 9 dKH - Elos 
Calcium 375 ppm - Elos
Magnesium 1350 ppm - Elos
Phosphate .25 ppm - Elos
Nitrate <2 ppm - Elos
pH 8.35 - Apex pH probe
Temp 78.8° F - Apex temp probe
ORP 295 - Apex ORP probe
Salinity 1.024 sg - Milwaukee Digital Refractometer

I ran up to the LFS today and got some bloodworms for the CBB, and picked up a couple of tiny yellow coris wrasses. They are about 1" long, super adorable. Got them acclimated, put through Safety Stop baths, and then introduced to the big reef.  One went right into the sandbed, the other one swam around for a while.  Hopefully they will learn the lighting schedule of my system and be out and about.  Here's one picture of one of them. See the tiny yellow fish?  You can see a bunch of the Skunks in this shot too. smiley




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