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A few macros from the reef

Shot with a Nikon D500 with a Nikkor 105mm macro lens

  • View of a section of the reef
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With all the flow turned off in the tank - something I never do - I decided to take some pictures of the SPS corals. I was hoping to capture those tiny polyps, in focus.  The flow was off about 30 minutes, then restarted. 

Acropora sp.

Anacropora sp.

Blue tort

Cactus pavona

Walt Disney polyps
Green montipora with blue polyps - from Duane's reef

Forest Fire M. digitata

Green hairy acropora sp.

Green hammer coral

Rainbow stylophora

Sin City acropora - from Ryan's reef

Chalice frag

Frammer polyp

Dendrophyllia polyp

Orange lithophyllon frag

Walt Disney frag

Captive Bred tuxedo urchin

T-rex acropora polyps

Sunset Montipora polyps