SPS Corals

Known Predators or potential predators:

Flame AngelThis dwarf angel can nip at SPS and LPS corals.
Red BugsChews on SPS tissue, boring into the coral and causing polyps to close up.
AEFWDevours Acropora species, smooth skinned primarily. A. valida seems to be the first candidate, but other deep water acros are often attacked.
Majano Anemonesstings other nearby corals to attain more space
Aiptasiastings corals to gain space. Can sting seahorses.
Red Mushroomsstings neighboring corals, space must be provided to avoid losses.
Juvenile Blue Angelbasically not reef safe; will damage most corals, sponges, and inverts.
Yellow Clown Gobymay damage Acropora tissue for food or to prepare a spot to lay eggs in a colony.
Montipora-eating Nudibranchdestructive to Montipora species.
Anthellia sp.will overgrow Stony Corals if not kept in check.
Acro-eating spider Pycnogonid / spiderdevours SPS coral tissue, akin to what looks like STN.