New Design! Vortech Driver Holder

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NEW & Improved Vortech Driver Holder
NEW & Improved Vortech Driver HolderNEW & Improved Vortech Driver HolderVortech Driver Holder- Old StyleVortech Driver Holder- Old StyleVortech Driver Holder- Old Style Vortech Driver Holder- Old StyleDual Vortech Driver HolderVortech Driver HoldersVortech Driver Holders

If you are tired of Vortech drivers coming off the wall, here's a way to secure it more permanently.  Screw the acrylic bracket to the wall or cabinetry, then set the driver in place so it rests on the footer. A small piece of velcro on the back of the driver will keep it in place, despite gravity. As of June 2015 the Vortech Driver holders have a new and improved design! The curved lip follows the sleek lines of the driver perfectly, allowing for cleaner lines and a better over all appearance. 

*NOTE: The new design requires you to disassemble the driver unit's 4 screws and slide the power cord through the hole in the bottom of the bracket. This is a very simple step that shouldn't cause you any issues whatsoever. If you're updating to the new Quiet Drives, they come dissassembled anyway, so just be sure to slip the power cord through before you screw it together. 

Single bracket holders are $15 each
Double bracket holders are $25 each

Price: $15.00