Chemicals & Media

Chemicals & MediaProducts that help resolve water quality issues.
AccuraSea Calibration SolutionAccuraSea Calibration Solution$12.00
BioSpheres NP BiopelletsBioSpheres NP Biopellets$30.00
Elos Alkalinity Test KitElos Alkalinity Test Kit$18.00
Elos Calcium Test KitElos Calcium Test Kit$28.00
Elos Magnesium Test KitElos Magnesium Test Kit$26.00
Elos Nitrate Test KitElos Nitrate Test Kit$27.00
Elos Phosphate Test Kit - PO4Elos Phosphate Test Kit - PO4$23.00
Granulate Activated CarbonGranulate Activated Carbon$11.00

Size of GAC

Magnesium Pronto 1000gMagnesium Pronto 1000g$20.00
Pelletized CarbonPelletized Carbon$11.00

Size of Pellet Carbon

Phosphate RxPhosphate Rx$28.00
Phosphate Rx & 10m 7" sockPhosphate Rx & 10m 7" sock$50.00
Phosphate Rx & 10m sockPhosphate Rx & 10m sock$47.00
Reborn calcium reactor mediaReborn calcium reactor media$39.00
RedCyano RxRedCyano Rx$18.00
Revive Coral DipRevive Coral Dip$11.00
Two Little Fishies AcroPower 500mlTwo Little Fishies AcroPower 500ml$20.00
Safety Stop - Rapid Fish QuarantineSafety Stop - Rapid Fish Quarantine$4.00