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"Favorite" mode on the Sky fixture

I have a few handy profiles to select from when I quickly want a certain look.

  • Sky in Favorite mode
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My 400g has been converted from Metal Halide lighting to all LED lighting.  I installed three SKY fixtures over my reef three weeks ago.  Today's blog is about quick photography of the reef without having to use a orange gel filter.

By switching my reef to Favorite, I have the four channels set to these percentages:

Apex Fusion screenshot

The tank looks like daylight in this configuration, heavily leaning into the yellows.  However, I still have my XHOs turned on as well, that add a crisp blue into the mix.  This combination is what you see in the image at the top of this blog.  The reef looks like this:

Favorite mode with XHOs turned on

This picture was taken with an iPhone 12, and I didn't use a filter of any kind.  

When I switched the Skys back to their normally scheduled programming, this is what the reef looks like with the same iPhone camera:

normal scheduled lighting by Sky

Could I have just put the Polyp Labs Coral View lens on my phone to take the picture? Yup!  But I wanted to use the feature that I'd programmed, and it took a couple of seconds to set the tank to the ideal look.  Could I have dialed in the blues better in the Sky to not need the XHOs? Probably.  But I own both, so this is simply an example of what I did today to share with you.

I'll post a few top down images of the reef in my next blog. Happy reefing!