Chemi-Clean makes me happy

Last week when I got back from my trip to Atlanta, my tank sitter told me he was ready for me to get the cyano bacteria situation in my tank under control. I prefer not to treat the tank when I'm about to travel, so I don't put the reef in a bad spot when I'm 1000 miles away for a few days.

When it comes to using a product for this issue, Chemi-Clean has always been the one I've recommended. I've used it countless times with great results. About two years ago or so, a new liquid version came out in addition to the powdered-typed. I had to dig through my bins to find the bottles I still had, and dosed enough of the product to treat 300-350g of water. After turning off the skimmer and the carbon reactor, I dosed my tank with about 20 ml and let it do its magic.

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