stand alone

The new frag tank is running!

After about a year of saying I needed to do this, it's finally operational. The stand, tank, sump, ATO reservoir, doser container are all built (by me). Plumbing was accomplished and the new Vectra M1 pump is circulating the system.  Here are some pictures, less than a day after water was added.  The skimmer cleared the water overnight.

This is a stand alone system, apart from my reef. I wanted it separated in case something in the main tank went wrong, I'd have backup pieces available.  Plus I can sell fraglets this way. And finally when I'm asked to do product reviews, I'll have a normal sized system to use them in. I built the tank myself, which I'm very proud of. I've shied away from display tanks for many years, but perhaps that will change. 

Good surface movement.

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