Water tests and what they mean to me

Milka coral

11/28/15 Performed water tests at 1 a.m. specifically because I spotted some STN in my tank all of a sudden.

Temperature late at night read 78.1 °F
Looking at the temperatures recorded by the Apex recently, I had a significant swing due to our weather change over the past 48 hours or so. The low was 77.1°F and the highest was 80.6°F, which is roughly a 3.5°F swing and more than I usually would allow. Maybe this is why three corals are reacting. Not sure, but it's definitely a consideration.

pH measures 8.26
pH varies daily, but the average reading is 8.04 to 8.35 daily.

ORP reading display 285

STN event spotted

I noticed three areas in reef today with white skeleton showing, which seemingly came out of the blue. Not sure why so I did a full set of tests to see what may have changed. Nothing major cropped up but these are my findings. Specifically the base of the Staghorn colony has been affected, as has a Montipora colony and a birdsnest colony. STN is slow tissue necrosis, a creeping death that often happens from the base of the colony upwards.  Here are a few visuals. 

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