Video: Jennifer Nies of New Wave Aquaria

Meeting up with Jennifer Nies at MACNA, I was able to interview her in person about her lovely store in Minnesota. I visited her shop about six months ago, and had to film some of the decor while I was there. She's been in business about 20 years now, which is just impossible to believe.


Bus LFS tour - Group Shopping!

This week's video is about our club's annual bus tour. Over 50 of us rode in an air conditioned bus for a full day visiting five local fish stores. How were they chosen?  They had to be a sponsor of DFWMAS, and they had to be close enough to one another to not make the travel time too rough.  One store even sponsored the lunch for everyone, and had a grill going when we arrived hungry and thirsty.  

Every store had goodies to snack on, as you'll see in the video.  Hanging out with club members all day allowed everyone to chat between stores, and not worry about the road and parking. Here's the compilation from that 10 hour day.  

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