Acrylic Sumps

Model E Sump

Front view
Rear view

Smaller than the "F" series, this sump is 26" x 16" x 16" and will house a skimmer with a 9" x 12" footprint. The refugium zone is 7" wide, and holds 5.5g


Sump Model Le


The Model Le sump is a larger version of the two section sump. It is designed with a skimmer section and a return section.

20" x 20" x 16" - Skimmer zone 9" wide | Return zone 7.75" wide.

Bubble tower included.  If a 4" sock hanger is preferred, that can be installed by request.


Sump Model S


The Model S sump is a simple design that will fit under smaller systems.
With two zones, it is designed to hold the Protein Skimmer and heaters
on one side, and the return pump and small add-on reactor in the other

20" x 15" x 14"

This rimless design is good to be able to work in smaller sumps, but some salt-creep may be experienced. 


Sump Model G-EXT


The Model G-modified is a larger sump designed to be used with an external return pump.

Skimmer section on left.  Refugium section front right.  Return zone in center that runs behind refugium to bulkhead on right end near back of sump.

48" x 18" x 16"


Sump Model F


The Model F sump is a three-zoned sump that is divided into three sections:

Skimmer section --> Return zone in the center <-- Refugium section

40" x 16" x 16" It is rated up to a 90g - 120g aquarium.
48" x 16" x 16" is rated up to 180g aquariums - contact me for pricing.

  • Skimmer zone: 15" wide x 15.5" front to back x 9" deep
  • Refugium zone: 12" wide  x 15.5" front to back x 12" deep
  • Return zone:  9.5" wide x 15.5" front to back x 8" deep


Bubble Tower included; you need to carefully add live rock rubble to fill the tower about 6" tall to break up bubbles.
Two 1" Slip Bulkheads included to easily plumb sump to your aquarium.


Sump Model M

Model M sump & refugium
Model M refugium teethModel M bubble tower in skimmer zoneModel M's refugium is in frontModel M with sockModel M with sockModel M with sockModel M with sock

The Model M sump is designed for cube-shaped reefs and fits nicely in the stand. The refugium
zone spans the entire front, with the skimmer and return zones in back. The skimmer zone (rear left) has a bubble tower and probe holder, and the return zone has a top off switch bracket. Sumps come as pictured, including two 1" slip bulkheads to simplify installation.

Having the refugium in the front showcases the macro algae and pods, illustrating the benefit of natural flitration via photosynthesis to others.

20" x 16" x 16" - $325

20" x 20" x 16" - $350

If the bubble tower takes up too much space, a filter sock can be installed instead to accomodate a protein skimmer's footprint. See the additional images for examples. If you need a custom size, ask via Contact Us.

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