Mike's 450g office tank

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Dudester's Diary Thread on ReefCentral

Mike's tank is located in the waiting room at his office, and can be viewed from three sides. The water drains at the far end, which is adjacent to a fishroom that houses all the equipment. Lighting is 3 x 400w 10,000K bulbs, with VHO actinic supplementation. A huge sump was shoehorned under the tank, and at this time a refugium is not incorporated. A Tunze Wavebox provides back-n-forth motion, and a closed loop creates the flow.

Mike with his daughter 

Mike and John (Kingfish Aquariums). John maintains the tank with weekly visits. 

The cabinets are only accessible with a magnet to release the latches. Very neat feature for a public area. 

In the fishroom, two water storage containers hold RO/DI and saltwater. This larger one hold 100g of saltwater. 

Deltec skimmer 

Deltec Calcium Reactor and beneath is the RO storage container. 

The power panel hides all the electrical. bmwaaron in the reflection 

Cooling with a fan. Plans for a chiller are in place. 


Surface area 

Last equipment shot, on to the livestock! 


Moon coral 

Meaty corals 

Tang, juvenile Palani 

Trigger, blue chin 

Glass Eye Cardinalfish 

Hermit crab 

Huge cucumber 


Urchin with colorful spines 

Brain coral 

Leopard Wrasse 


Clams. Notice the tiny rics (pictured above) for a sense of scale 

I took some topdown shots as well. 


Tired of all the beauty? There still more... 

Back to the ground level for the remainder of the pictures.

Montipora sp. 


Wall Hammer 

Acropora sp. 


Christmas Tree Worm in Acropora sp. 

Acropora sp. 

And lastly, his Superman Montipora colony 

That's it. Go cool off your modem after all these image downloads. ;)

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