Dallis' & Marcus' 600g tank

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Marcus is GMFett on ReefCentral

Two reefers share this tank, and are both going to college studying to be lawyers. Dividing the costs between themselves, they've created a beautiful piece of the ocean. The tank is lit with three 400w 12,000K Reeflux bulbs in Luminarc III reflectors. Two Tunze Waveboxe and motion, while several Stream pumps create in-tank flow. The tank is acrylic, with several cross braces, and the huge canopy is secured to the ceiling, barely floating above the top of the tank. All kinds of Deltec gear keep the water clean, and a closed loop helps move all the water around as well.

Here are a few full tank shots, since it can be viewed from 3 sides. 


Blue sponge 

This clown was pretty friendly in the Gigas clam 

A few pretty acropora sp. 

All these are Echinophyllia 

A stunning Efflo, with hosting Clown Goby (not my idea!) 

Gigas Clam 

Acropora humilis (perhaps) 

Speaking of acropora, I want to dwell on this next Acropora yongei, aka Bali Green Slimer. t is such a huge stunning and beautiful piece. FYI, if Marcus and Dallis had to break down this tank, they would need a large trashcan to hold this coral as one piece. Yes, it is THAT big! Try looking around the images for something to compare for a sense of scale. 

Random shots 

Purple Linkia 

Orange Linkia 

Target Mandarin 

Various Montipora sp. 

Pavona sp. 

Maze coral, the size of a cantaloupe! 

Now that you know how large that coral above is, how big is this fish!? Vlamingi Tang
The clownfish is adult-size! 

Once more with the flash 

Huge Torch coral, tang hiding in the shadows. 


Unknown green tabling acropora sp. 


Plumbing to sump 

Refugium zone 


That's all I got. A picture of the future sump will be in the pictures from Kingfish Aquariums.

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