2015 MACNA Overview in D.C.

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Instead of a write up with pictures, this year I opted to shoot video. It was a fun event, and I ran into a lot of friends as well as a bunch of happy hobbyists bursting with excitement. People get re-energized by the three day event, and find their passion for reefkeeping back in the forefront of their minds. See for yourself.

Securing & pegging frags

You end up with some loose frags. Here's how to secure them to frag plugs. If you haven't heard of pegging, you'll find this interesting.

Bubble Tip Anemone Care

What can you do to assure a BTA in your aquarium will live for years? Here are my thoughts, based on person experience. My original BTA is over 12 years old, and my original Sherman RBTA is 8 years old.


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